Anyone Interested in an Animation Anomaly Podcast?

To get straight to the point, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a weekly podcast for a while but am not sure if it’s a good move or not. (Not least because there are a million others out there already.)

If you have any interest in hearing my thick Irish brogue wax lyrical about animation, just leave a yay or nay in the comments.

Feel free to suggest topics that you’d like to hear me cover too!


9 thoughts on “Anyone Interested in an Animation Anomaly Podcast?”

  1. I’d love to listen to a podcast. Right now I don’t follow any animation ones. Suggest topics: anything stop-motion animation related especially with sculpted puppets. Big on that right now.

  2. Yay! There can never be enough animation podcasts, but yours could be special because you are outside the industry. Hope to hear ya soon!

  3. I’m starting one too… so yes you should… to make my life more difficult with your awesomeness!

    Seriously, if it’s any bit as good as this blog you have I would listen to every one

  4. I love animation podcasts… to the point I feel like I’ve listened to all of what’s out there and their archives. so YES, there isn’t enough. Topics such as the in’s and outs, news, and opinion on the medium and the movies and tv shows are all great

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