About Charles

Animation is a fascinating industry with a long and varied history that is steeped in the culture of many nations. Even so, it is quite uncommon for a civil engineer to take in interest in it, which is why Charles Kenny is considered the Animation Anomaly; he’s the only one!

From his unique vantage point, Charles posts on a wide variety of animation topics that often include a visionary theme reflecting on the future of the industry and its place in the developing digital media world.

Writing for his own blog (this one!) keeps Charles connected to the animation community and enabled him to become a resource on many matters concerning the balance of art and commerce in the industry.

In June 2017 he finished production on his first animated short film based on the webcomic Space Base 8.

In 2019 he started Socel, a community within the fediverse for the animation and related industries which currently has almost 700 users.

When not contemplating animation topics, Charles enjoys reading shoujo manga, fashion, gardening, and taking adventures on his motorcycle.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can send an email to: charles [at] animationanomaly [dot] com. You can also connect with him on the fediverse: @CharlesKenny@Socel.net