Animation Broke My Heart

I started this blog back in 2010 and kept up writing posts almost daily for a number of years; all the way through graduate school and beyond. It kept me going through thick and thin as I wrote about my one true passion: animation.

I met some incredibly kind and generous people down through the years who I am extremely grateful to. I had some experiences I’ll never forget. I had many long, stimulating conversations with some personal heroes.

I even made my own cartoon! Something I’m incredibly proud of despite its very rough edges. Although I started another, the personal price became too great to bear and it remains unfinished.

Perhaps I got tired of always being the outsider. Perhaps I didn’t bang on doors hard enough. Perhaps more personal sacrifices could have been made. Hindsight isn’t always 20-20.

I still like animation, but it’s in the way of one whose love is unrequited now and possibly forever. At some point you have to stop hoping they’ll take you back and get on with the life that’s certainly not waiting around for it to happen.

Animation broke my heart, but I’m still alive.




Getting a Grip on Anxiety with Gremlin Girl

Franny is an independent, seemingly confident woman with neurotic anxieties that manifest themselves as Gremlin Girl. The webseries by Emily Rifkin and Rebecca Warm is a humourous look at the personification of anxieties and they were kind enough to answer some questions I had about their endeavour.

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Introducing Socel: Microblogging Made for the Animation Industry

Socel home screen

Tired of Twitter? Spam, jerks, and advertising got you down? Want to connect with the rest of the animation community in a meaningful way? Good news! Socel is for you. Read this post and find out why.

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Disney Isn’t Running Out of New Ideas, but it is Allergic To Them

Rather amusingly, the question of whether Disney is running out of new ideas pops up more regularly than you might think. In the latest version, Maya Phillips points out the discrepancy in the variety of content the company used to put out even twenty years ago, and what it puts out today. The reasons aren’t mysterious or secreted away in the vault, they’re much more straightforward. Yet they are indicative of a corporation with an allergy to new ideas and their rewarding results.

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What’s Really Interesting About the New Avatar: The Last Airbender Series

Were you surprised about the announcement earlier this week about a brand-new series of Avatar: The Last Airbender? I sure was, but outside what was discussed around the net this week, there’s a few things that make the announcement really interesting, and potentially game-changing.

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