Animation Books That I Own

Ever since my passion for animation was ignited a couple of years ago, my collection has been on the increase. It’s still relatively small though; buying school books puts paid to that. It’s a good selection though that represents a good variety of animation styles and genres. Have a peek (click to see full-size) and […]

Prologue: Applying the Toyota Production System to Animation

This isn’t any sort of official announcement per se but it is a wee peek on what I’m currently working on at the moment in between semesters. The last class I took centered on supply chain management and decision-making and one of the systems we studied was the Toyota Production System, a kind of ‘lean’ […]

Start An Animation Blog Now!

Via: XKCD It was a year ago tomorrow that I wrote the first of what would become what I would consider a ‘daily’ post on the blog. Sure, it existed before that and I averaged about one post a week (although sometimes less) but on this day last year (April 1st), Gilligan over on the […]

My favourite Piece of Art That I Own

I don’t have a lot of art and I sure wish I had a lot more, but with a small apartment and the school bills to pay, it can be tough to acquire pretty pictures to hang around the place. Thankfully, I purchased this piece before I started school, when I had a bit more […]

The Two Weeks of My Life When I Could Have Been Considered An Animator

Via: Yes, the tagline for my blog is not entirely accurate, I did dabble in animation before I became a civil engineer. Now granted, I still cannot draw properly, and never really have been able to do so. I once entered an art competition for the Community Games and it was only after they […]

My Aims and Objectives for the Animation Anomaly Blog

Have you ever written a dissertation? Besides all the hard work and countless nights spent in the library when it seemed that just about every other student in the entire college was out at the pub, there was a great sense of satisfaction once the whole thing is done and dusted. At the beginning of […]