Why You Should Always Meet Your Heroes

They say you should never meet your heroes. Why this is so, I can only presume, is because it’s happened to some people over the years; they got the chance to meet their idol, and when they did, were left thoroughly let down by the experience.

All I can say, is that if you feel you can never meet your hero(es) because you’re worried about being let down, then you’re looking up to the wrong person/people.

Your hero should inspire you on a daily basis and should be a decent enough sort of a person that you would feel comfortable meeting them and being able to ask them anything. Yes, celebrities are heroes to lots of people, but your hero doesn’t have to be famous, you know. I value being respected in the community and industry far more than being merely ‘famous’, fame can be fleeting after all.

That’s your homework for this evening, to sit down and think about who it is you look up to, and why you would feel good about meeting them.

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