My Aims and Objectives for the Animation Anomaly Blog

Have you ever written a dissertation? Besides all the hard work and countless nights spent in the library when it seemed that just about every other student in the entire college was out at the pub, there was a great sense of satisfaction once the whole thing is done and dusted.

At the beginning of the year, one of the things we had to submit was our aims and objectives for the dissertation. These basically listed out what we were to achieve by our completion of the dissertation. Long story short, I realized that while I’ve been posting on the blog here for the last couple of weeks almost every day (and I’m pretty proud of that by the way, considering how lax I was at updating it before), I’ve never set out what I hop to achieve with it. So here, for your reading pleasure, is my somewhat inner monologue for what I hope you gain by reading my blog.

First off, I want to post about stuff I like, which for me means animation. I follow a fair amount of blogs, news sites, etc. and although I don’t intend to merely replicate the news here, there may be days when I will put my own spin on the topic of discussion. Why would I do that? Well, for a start, I’m not in the animation industry. Of course that has its advantages and disadvantages. I don’t have any experience and can easily make a false statement or politically incorrect statement. At the same time, I can see things from a perspective that I would not perhaps have if I was in the industry.

I must admit, creative writing was never a strong point of mine at school. Having last studied it over 7 years years ago, things have become a bit rusty since then. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to improve that over the next couple of months.

I also intend to post plenty of reviews of films I’ve seen (the next one will be Disney’s Hercules), festivals, discussion panels and general social events too. Unfortunately with school, these posts will be a bit farther spaced than I would like. The movie review posts will improve. Maybe I should split them into two or three parts so I can go into more detail about the different parts of the movie. This is more of a time thing than anything else. In order to write a proper review post, I would need about 2 hours, something I can’t seem to scrape together in one day, so spreading it out over a few days will lighten the load.

The Anomaly Approved posts will continue with gusto. I follow literally hundreds of blogs so they will take a long time to go through. The reason I post about them is that I enjoy them immensely, that’s why I follow them after all. I hope that by posting about them and explaining why I like them, hopefully you will like them too!

Industry commentary is perhaps my pet area. There are plenty of snarky blogs out there already and I’ve already said I do not under any circumstances want this site to become a gripe blog. So for anything industry-related, i.e. Pixar’s release schedule, who got promoted at Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network’s latest live-action series, etc. I will try and keep the posts as positive as possible. Positive criticism I guess is the term.

I do intend to keep posting daily. I’ve found it therapeutic in a way to kind of spill my thoughts out in cyberspace. Of course there are some days when I can’t post (like St. Patrick’s Day) and I’ll try to get a post in reserve for those days so at least something new goes up.

Again, feel free to comment on anything I post. Reader feedback is the best tool available to me for refining the content of what I post. Besides, its fun to see fellow bloggers and so far, I’ve discovered a few, quite nice blogs simply because their authors commented on mine.

Do I want to become the greatest blogger in the world? Nah. Do I want to become the eminent source for animation information? Nah. Do I want to make this a highly personal blog that only I enjoy? Of course not. I might as well write a diary if that was the case. Do i want this to become a blog where my thoughts are somewhat inspirational and promote debate and discussion among my readers? YES! Absolutely.

So there you go. That’s why I’m writing this blog. I hope that provides a bit of an idea of the rationale behind it. Of course I’m writing about animation because I love animation and I’d hope that you’re reading this blog because you love animation too! I’m not after madly high hit figures, or a cult-like following. I just hope that the thoughts I write here resonate with at least some of you out there.

Thanks for reading.