The Annecy Siren Film: Matches

The 2012 Annecy Film Festival is currently under way and the focus this year is on Irish animation. My twitter feed is currently jammed with tweets from folks either at, going to or complaining that they are not at, the festival. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see renowned animation school Gobelins tackle one of the more […]

Recap of the 43rd ASIFA-East Awards Ceremony

Last night (Sunday), ASIFA-East held their 43rd annual awards ceremony at the New School’s Tischman Auditorium. As per usual it was a great night with lots upon lots of lovely animation followed by much talking and socialising afterwards. I thought the standard was quite high this year, with a particularly strong student section that was […]

Wanna Watch 90 Minutes of Animated Shorts from 1978?

Of course you do. Thanks to the Internet Archive, here’s a VHS rip of the Fantastic Animation Festival from 1978. Reviewer Donfield describes it thus: Good collection of animated shorts, mostly in hand drawn, claymation, and rotoscoping techniques. Represented artists include Loren Bowie, Bernard Palacios, Kathy Rose, Derek Lamb, Steven Lisberger, Marv Newland, Paul Driessen, […]

The 42nd ASIFA-East Aniamtion Festival is Just Around the Corner!

  Via: The ASIFA-East Exposure Sheet In fact it’s even closer than that, it’s standing just across the street! Yes, this Sunday (May 1st) plays host to the 42nd annual ASIFA-East Animation Festival in New York City. If you are not familiar with it, it’s the chapter’s annual awards show although it is much more […]

It’s Comic and Cartoon Time This Weekend in NYC!

Via: MoCCA Starting tomorrow at 9am and continuing through till Sunday evening, the Lexington Ave Armory in New York City will pay host to the annual festival of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, better known as MoCCA. I’ve never been before, but from listening (and eavesdropping) on twitter, it seems like its going […]

Is It Time for the New York International Children’s Film Festival Already?

Via: GKids In a matter of fact, yes it is! Well, in less than a month’s time anyway. I mention it now because the pamphlet arrived yesterday with details of all the screenings and events that are going to take place during this wonderful celebration of cinema. Of course, just because it has the word […]

What Makes Film Festivals Cool

Via: Azrael’s Merryland This coming Wednesday sees the start of arguably the most important festivals for animation lovers in North America. Every year, Chris Robinson and Co. put together the Ottawa International Animation Festival and if you’ve ever read The Animation Pimp (either online or by the book) you’ll have an idea of how much […]

Animation in Other Countries

I recently received my first issue of ASIFA Magazine, the quarterly publication of ASIFA International. I served as a great reminder that there is much more to animation than what comes out of the west coast of America. Around the world there are plenty of indiginous animation industries that are happily supplying local needs without […]

Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation festival

Just a quick note about Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival. It’s a great idea, and one that isĀ  sorely needed. It is a wee bit regretful that only one film a week will be shown, but that is perhaps a result of the Brew’s finances rather than then whims of the Brewmasters. I am very […]