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Last week, I announced that the Week Links series of posts I publish would be moving to an email subscription platform. The reason is simple, an email newsletter is easier to put together than a blog post and I feel it suits readers better insofar as they don’t have to visit the blog to read it. That said, here’s a few reasons why you should add your email address to the list:

It’s All About Animation!

As far as I can tell (and goodness knows I’ve looked), there isn’t anyone out there compiling animation news and features into a concise list. Sure you can visit the larger animation websites, but you have to visit them all and filter through the commentary to boot.

This list presents the links and only the links. You come to your own conclusions!

It’s About More Than Animation

Rehashing links from the same sources covering similar topics over and over doesn’t make much sense, especially if you read those sites on a regular basis anyway. Instead, by subscribing to this list, you will get news and features that will impact the animation industry that you won’t find at the usual sources.

In Your Inbox Only Once A Week

I hate daily emails; all except one that is. That’s why RSS was invented and it’s what I tend to use instead of the deluge of daily updates. The Recommended Reading list will instead arrive once a week and only once a week. This stops you from getting annoyed and also ensures that you’re getting only the best articles; no filler junk.

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