Animation Articles: March 1, 2020

A selection of the best animation news, opinions, and features from around the world for the week beginning the 1st of March, 2020.

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Six Japanese Creators Sign On for Netflix Anime Originals

ANIMATION MAGAZINE – Netflix continues to invest in anime by signing an unprecedented deal with the seven creators shown above. With a healthy mix of creative backgrounds, Netflix is taking a calculated gamble with it’s first real foray into original anime content. The outcomes from this deal will be worth keeping an eye out for in a few years’ time.

Disney+ Orders “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder,” The Long-Awaited Revival of the Groundbreaking Animated Series

THE FUTON CRITIC – A timely reboot for a show that came along at just the right point in time when American society began to move beyond the homogeneity of the past and towards the vibrant representative society of the future.

How Bob Iger Built A Magic Kingdom Into An Evil Empire

BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH – Bob Iger suddenly resigned this week in a move that was simultaneously surprising and completely expected. With the Walt Disney Company humming along after significant acquisitions and the launch of Disney+, it was naturally the time for Iger to pass the more difficult task of keeping it all going onto someone else. His tenure is significant for its successes, but was it ‘good’ for ‘Disney’?

Crunchyroll Unveils 7 ‘Crunchyroll Originals’ Works Including Tower of God, Noblesse, God of High School

ANIME NEWS NETWORK – As if on cue to mirror Netflix’s announcement above, streaming site Crunchyroll announces their own original series’. Naturally anime in style and in spirit, the diversity exemplifies the incredibly niche nature of animated programming in 2020. Will they be any good? Let’s hope so; they’ll help form the bulwark against Netflix domination.


10 Cartoons Every Animation Student Must Watch!

ANIMATION MAGAZINE – The definitive list from animation historian Jerry Beck.

Tales From Earthsea is Ghibli’s Weakest – But Better Than Disney’s Worst

COMIC BOOK RESOURCES – I will freely admit my unrelenting love for this film, but understand that no everyone sees it that way and this is a great argument pitting it against one of Disney’s least popular films.

Fantastic Four: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The 90s Animated Series

COMIC BOOK RESOURCES – Sometimes nostalgia is a more powerful mind altering agent than any illicit substance and this list is a good example of why.

From Mary Blair to Now: The Impact of Women in Animation

THE ROTOSCOPERS – Mary Wagner’s overview of the impact women in the animation is as important as it is thorough. A must read this week.

Behind Every Animated Princess… Is Still A Lot Of Men?

LAIST – Gender imbalance has long been an aspect of the animation industry needing addressing. Together with racial and cultural imbalances, the Animation Guild is attempting to bring more attention to the fact that for all the positive messages animated art conveys, behind the scenes is a different story. In this must-read article, see how gender and racial imbalances remain, but are at least finally changing for the better.

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The first version of Snow White that Walt deemed too sexy!

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