The Animation Anomaly Podcast Episode 5

Originally scheduled for last Sunday but thanks to sound problems, only released today!

In this episode:

00:00 – Tintin and the Copyright Sharks [Mickey Mouse Copyright post link]

07:30 – Top 10 Reasons People Use To Justify Pirating Digital Content (And Why They’re Wrong)

13:30 – The LA Times on Stephen Universe

16:20 – Chernin Group Buying Majority Stake in Crunchyroll, the Anime Subscription Site

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Why Is Common Sense Being Ignored in Animated Features?

Budgets for animated features have been rising consistently for the past decade or so. While large blockbusters at the end of the 20th century struggled to top $100 million, today’s efforts often top 3.5 times that! This rapid rise has been accomplished mainly thanks to the superb commercial performance of animated features at the box office. So why then is common sense missing from the production process of such films?

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Finding the Animation Diamond in the Rough

No, we’re not talking about Aladdin, but rather trying to pick winners. You see, animation as an industry is still heavily based on sales; that is, between studios and networks. Annual conventions like MIPCOM continue to drive large portions of the industry and feed a lot of revenue into it. Here’s a look at why it’s tough to navigate and even tougher to win in.

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Week Links 39-2013

It’s been extremely gruelling, but now that graduate school is out of the way (MBA, BTW) and the PE exam is done (8 hours in one day for the curious), I can finally start to give the blog and animation all the serious attention that it hasn’t received for much of the year. I’m experimenting with Pocket as a way to read more things during the day. If you’ve any thoughts on it or a competing product, please let me know.

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Reviving the Dead: MGM Devlops Animated Addams Family


If you’ll pardon the pun in the title, the news is entirely real. MGM as Variety are reporting have in development an animated feature based on the Addam’s Family.

Besides the usual question of ‘why’, is ‘why now’? The Addam’s Family have been around for decades in print, TV and the silver screen. They’ve even been animated before for TV by Hanna-Barbera, twice!

As exciting as it is to see new Addams family material and especially so seeing as it will be animated, it’s not hard to imagine why it’s being done. Far from bringing back a timeless property is the desire to earn money.

That, in essence, is my main problem with such revivals. They’re not new material, they’re rehashing old material into something supposedly new. To explain further, the Addams Family are macabre and dark, but there are just one example. There is a lot of of original material out there that is just as good, if not better.

The problem really lies in the existing studio models that are used to create such film projects, and we’re starting to see them on YouTube as well. In effect, the desire to produce hits on a constant basis becomes the driving factor for output, and variety and originality suffers as a result.

Your thoughts? Am I hollow in the head, or is bringing the Addams Family back really, a good idea?