Week Links 39-2013

It’s been extremely gruelling, but now that graduate school is out of the way (MBA, BTW) and the PE exam is done (8 hours in one day for the curious), I can finally start to give the blog and animation all the serious attention that it hasn’t received for much of the year. I’m experimenting with Pocket as a way to read more things during the day. If you’ve any thoughts on it or a competing product, please let me know.

Theater Owners ‘Might Kill Movies,’ Warns Netflix’s Sarandos

He’s completely right too, cinema chains have been a large stumbling block to getting films into home media quickly. A move that exacerbates the effects of file downloading.

Chris Meledandri: Event Films Are Cannibalizing Each Other

You know how motorists like to complain that traffic is caused by all the other cars on the road? That’s what Meledrandri sounds like in this article.

Chernin Group Buying Majority Stake in Crunchyroll, the Anime Subscription Site

Crunchyroll has been a model for both making fans pay for an online service and brining foreign content to the US in a quick and efficient manner. This deal is a vote of confidence in the firm.

Magical Little Girls

KT Shy SailorMoon_final

Over on Cartoon Research, Fred Patten has this detailed post about this particular genre of Japanese animation that for this uninformed individual was very educational and well worth the time it took to read.

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