700 Posts

Normally I’m not one to celebrate milestones in a big and flashy way, but I couldn’t let this one pass by without saying something.

Yes, this is my 700th blog post.

This blog started waaaay back in 2008 over on Blogger and stumbled along in a half-hearted attempt at writing for the good of society before a post over on Retrospace in 2010 gave me the impetus to start taking it seriously. Long story short, I started posting daily (with the odd hiccup here and there) and that has brought me to this, my 700th post.

Now some out there might scoff at a lowly number like 700, but I can honestly say that I never, ever thought I would progress as far as I have. I can see a definite improvement in my writing skills and blogging ability too (culminating in a move to a self-hosted site). Yes, practice does make perfect, or almost perfect at any rate.

The lesson? You can do it to! Blogging regularly takes a bit of energy and some sacrifices, but on the whole, it hasn’t been that much of a burden. If you set aside the time, you will be able to do it too. I’m still shocked, and saddened by the number of great blogs I subscribe to that haven’t updated in a very long time. They stay in the reader because it doesn’t require any effort to keep them there, but I can’t help but wonder what they could be with a little elbow grease.

That’s not to say you need to keep up a daily schedule, but once a week should be within the vast majority of people’s reach. Posting daily works for me because I have so many animationy thoughts going around in the ol’ noggin.

Personally, I’m looking very much forward to the next 700. I hope you’ll stick around too 🙂

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