Two Links: Characters and Theme Tunes

A short post today due to time and other constraints but not to worry, I have two excellent links to send you to.

The first is by Ron over at Flooby Nooby where he discusses characters and why they are so important. I couldn’t agree more so you should head over there yourself to read this excellent post.

Secondly, Chris Ledesma has a very informative post over on his blog, Simpsons Music 500, where he discusses the disappearance of melody in today’s theme tunes and why this changing they way that music is used in films. It’s a post that certainly makes you think about the (potentially) serious consequences if things keep going the way they’re going.

3 thoughts on “Two Links: Characters and Theme Tunes”

  1. Thanks very much for the nice mention. I do hope film music soon returns to being more than just sonic wallpaper. I know there are many who will read this comment and my post who will disagree and can cite examples, but I believe that those examples represent a very small percentage of the scores being recorded these days.

  2. This problem, and has been going on for some time. It isn’t just scores either. It is the entire soundtrack music industry, both film and television.

    I think there are several reason why, including the music industry not wanting to be involved in movies, but this has to stop.

    Maybe the studios need to look at the indie market.

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