Upgrades Complete

It may have taken the whole weekend and a whole lot of consternation on my part (my penalty for not being a designer by trade) but all the changes that I hoped to get done are complete.

The site is no longer hosted at WordPress.com so if you happen to have any bookmarks for the old URL (http://fanatzmigoriuh.wordpress.com) please update them to http://animationanomaly.com

My e-mail address is now: charles[at]animationanomaly.com Please send all correspondence through this one.

You can now subscribe to the blog with one click on the blog itself rather than having to visit another site.

Most important of all, there are now even more ways to share posts with the new sharing buttons. Seeing as I had next to no data to go on, I presumed that most people use either facebook or twitter, in any case, if you click on the share button, there are about 300 other services that you can use.

In addition to that, I’d like to remind you that everything I post that is by myself is made available under a Creative Commons license that allows you to build upon what I have made. All I ask is that you publish the work under the same license and attribute the origin to me in some way shape or form.

Tweaks may continue to be made over the next couple of days, but nothing that should disrupt the site like previously. So without further adieu, we return to our regularly scheduled programme.