It’s Valentines Day, Which Can Mean A Post About Only One Character


Yes, HIM! Some people despise him, others love him. However, there can be no doubt about it that Pepé Le Pew has been one of the more consistent Looney Tunes characters over the course of the years.

His plots are almost always the same and that poor cat has been chased around so many times, it’s a miracle she hasn’t had a heart attack by now!

For some reason though, Pepé remains the skunk that most people love to hate. He’s a very flat character, only interested in one thing (love) and being very determined in his pursuit of the same. What sets him apart from other, more, um, upfront characters, is that he does have a certain charm and his escapades are almost always funny.

As such, he is forever linked with Valentines Day and although there are countless other cartoon characters out there who are romantically inclined none are as famous or as divisive as Pepé Le Pew.

2 thoughts on “It’s Valentines Day, Which Can Mean A Post About Only One Character

  • I’m still on the fence about Pepé. On the one hand, these are cartoons that I’ve been laughing at for decades. They feature a lot of great comedy and the work of WB artists at the top of their game. At the same time, I’ve grown a little uncomfortable with the idea that I’m laughing at a character who is completely convinced of his own charms for the point where he doesn’t even get that “no” is a possibile answer endlessly pursuing a female who wants nothing to do with him. Though some of the shorts do turn the tables on Pepé in the end, many just conclude with the idea that the chase continues on. I don’t believe that these cartoons are strictly – if at all – for children and even if they were, I doubt that an otherwise well-adjusted child would be unduly influenced by Pepé’s behavior towards the cat. But I understand by Warner Brothers hasn’t done much with him in recent years. Pepé is a on trick skunk and that particular trick is very much a product of the time Pepé was created in. Making him work in new animation is a tricky proposition.

    • I agree.

      This afternoon I actually realised that I have something that would be much better to post on a day like this but I’ve decided to hold off till next year.

      It’ll be worth the wait 🙂

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