What Do You Know About Programming?

Coming by way of Fred Seibert’s twitter feed is this article by Ben Elowitz on an important topic that I’d never really considered before. It’s basically about programming and how important it will be in the digital age. As Ben explains: Programming is the skill of matching content to audience. Programming is what built the […]

Cartoon Network Still Letting Down Adventure Time Fans

A good while ago, we wrote about how Cartoon Network was letting down its own fans by restricting the online streaming on their site to cable/satellite subscribers only. Unfortunately, that still appears to be the case, and the network, along with its hit show Adventure Time is all the worse for it. Why??? The reason […]

Do We Even Deserve A Danger Mouse Reboot?

Stuart Heritage recently wrote an opinion piece in The Guardian on the topic of a Danger Mouse reboot for the 21st century. Although slightly¬†tongue¬†in-cheek, Heritage manages to nail down the finer points of such an effort and why it just might work if done right: And then there’s the question of the reboot itself. The […]

Where’s My Adventure Time Swatch Watch?

Seriously? Why is there no Adventure Time Swatch watch out there? Why can’t I buy them? Why can’t anyone buy them? Why hasn’t anyone thought of doing it yet? Well, here’s a few reasons for someone to get on it. Swatch Is Cool Alright, yes, that statement is coming from a child of the 80s […]