What Do You Know About Programming?

Via: Cartoon Brew
Via: Cartoon Brew

Coming by way of Fred Seibert’s twitter feed is this article by Ben Elowitz on an important topic that I’d never really considered before. It’s basically about programming and how important it will be in the digital age. As Ben explains:

Programming is the skill of matching content to audience. Programming is what built the global TV and film industry from $200 billion to $300 billion in the last decade. If you want to succeed in digital media going forward, programming is EVERYTHING.

This post isn’t so much an analysis but a hearty recommendation to go and read Ben’s entire post. It commands a lot of thought because given the long production times for animation, extra planning will be required to ensure that the intended audience does not evaporate before the show is produced. The article also lays out a few secrets to success that are well worth familiarising yourself with.

Although the article is based at a much higher level than what most readers of this blog would need, you should note them nonetheless because the day will come when the content you create will have to abide by these rules if you want it to be seen by large audiences.