Irish Animator Proposes Via Animation!

By way of Cold Hard Flash comes this truly charming video by Dublin-based animator Peter Slattery who used an animated short to propose to his girlfriend. It’s charming and apparently worked, so all you love-struck animators out there: the bar has been raised!


TANK Teaser

Nate Hamilton has sent in a link to the teaser for his latest short film, TANK. The film is set when: “a boy finds a connection between his fish tank and a pond in the woods. There looms inside the pond, a giant amphibian.”

Nate has a production blog up which seems to be well worth following to see how someone goes about creating an independent film (hint, there’s a lot of work). In the meantime, enjoy the teaser!


Gorgeous Gobelins Short: In Between

Coming via the also very awesome and talented Kt Shy is this short from French animation school Gobelins. We’ve covered some of their fantastic shorts here on the blog before and needless to say, this is another great one.

In Between tells the story of a young woman whose shyness manifests itself in the form of a crocodile who follows here everywhere and is impossible to get rid of. Very poignant but with great character chemistry. Enjoy!


More Proof That Animation Is Popular

Colour me surprised with this one because the latest company to set up an animation “studio” is in fact, a Formula One racing team. That’s right, McLaren have set up their own animation studio (with the heavy lifting done by Framestore) and have been running shorts before grand prix races in the UK over the last couple of months.

I found this out via a post on Skiddmarks and thought it was quite interesting that a major racing team in a sport with a fairly devoted fanbase (the casual ones among us gave up in the id 90s when overtaking disappeared and the cars started to sprout aerofoils like a third eye) would turn to animation to help boost their profile.

Sadly the episodes of ‘Tooned’ (geddit?) aren’t broadcast in the US (mainly because American’s like to race in circles and have a general dislike for Formula One anyway) but thankfully someone is putting them on YouTube. The first one is below:

What do you think? Do they do a good job of raising the team’s profile? Is their choice of animation over say, live-action appropriate? What exactly do you think the shorts are supposed to do besides entertain? Leave a comment below!

An Impossibly Cute Short Called Amare by Katarina Antonic

Amare by Katarina Antonic is the kind of animation that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Gorgeous colours, lovely animation and a great set of characters. Bravo Katarina!


Check out the making of!

And check out here portfolio and blog! (click to embiggen)

Whoa! Holy [redacted]! Give me a minute to find my jaw that just fell on the floor!

Suffice to say, I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg here 🙂

After You: The Trailer

After You is a short film by Irishman Damien O’Connor that centres around the (surprisingly exciting) life of a hotel doorman in Dublin over the course of his 60 years on the job. While the full film (as awesome as it is) isn’t online yet, you can enjoy the trailer to whet your appetite.


Delightfully Retro: What is Dead May Never Die

Via The Laughing Squid is this short film by Kadavre Exquis that is a wonderful homage to all the retro aspects to old films, TV and music. If it wasn’t so new, you’d swear it was old. What is Dead May Never Die is certainly one of my favourites.