The Kells Conundrum

The Secret of Kells is a fantastic film and easily one of the best made in recent times. It’s highly original, dripping with beautiful animation and stands up to countless rewatching. On the surface, it appears to be the perfect animate feature, so why has it been so hard for it to find the same kind of commercial success that say, Frozen can (outside of the obvious reason of throwing hundreds of millions at it)? I call it the Kells Conundrum and it’s a concept we’re going to discuss today.

Looney Tunes Weetabix Commercial from 1992

Too often it seems that when cartoon characters make the leap into animated commercials, the quality isn’t quite up to par with the original material. Thankfully, sometimes one gets out that really shines and this Weetabix ad from 1992 is no exception. Emulating the classic Looney Tunes shorts of the late 40s and early 50s, […]

Is The BBC Olympics Ad A Rip-Off?

To use the tired old quote, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However the line where it turns from imitation to blatant plagiarism is a blurry one that is often whipped out when two pieces of content appear to be eerily similar. Witness the latest in the pantheon of “he copied me” accusations. British […]

A British Commercial With More Bouncing Boobs Than Anime

Naughty animated commercials are nothing new, but they were supposed to be all in the past, right? No place for such smuttiness in the enlightened age…or so you thought! Unabashed sex or just some animators stretching their arms? Either way, this animated commercial for British insurance website manages to fit more  bouncing boobs and […]

Wool and Pencils in Stop-Motion Loveliness

Found via Dark Roasted Blend, this stop-motion commercial for natural gas makes clever use of wool. Found via Reddit, this music video for Australian musician Hudson uses a lot of pencils.