Jerry’s Jazz band

Since I’m on my honeymoon this week, enjoy some of the finer stuff I’ve collected on my tumblelog over the last 4 years or so. The Chuck Jones Tom & Jerry shorts are somewhat overshadowed by their more famous forefathers, but as a kid, I had a particular fondness for Rock’n’Rodent. Mostly for the music, […]

5 Articles You Should Read Today

Although I generally try to avoid these kind of catch-all posts, I just can’t avoid it today for various reasons. Below is a list of articles I read today that should interest you. Miyazaki and Feminism Helen McCarthy has a post where she raises the notion that Hayao Miyazaki may not be the great feminist […]

11 More Animation Blogs That Everyone Ought to Read

Dave Levy recently posted a list of the animation websites he reads on a daily basis (and his blog should most definitely be in your bookmarks already). Seeing as he is a man of good taste, there is no need to amend his list. Indeed, you should check it out to make sure you are […]

Weekly Weblink: Chuck Redux

Via: Chuck Redux The name Chuck Jones should be one that is instantly recognizable. Literally millions of people have seen his name appear on the screen before several minutes of madness and hilarity begins. He was much more than a superb director however, and that’s where this blog come in. Co-written  by Robert Patrick and […]