5 Articles You Should Read Today

Although I generally try to avoid these kind of catch-all posts, I just can’t avoid it today for various reasons. Below is a list of articles I read today that should interest you.

Miyazaki and Feminism

Helen McCarthy has a post where she raises the notion that Hayao Miyazaki may not be the great feminist that many see him as. While it is generally accepted that he creates films with great, strong female characters, McCarthy argues that he created these characters more out of necessity that any real desire to improve the presence of females in anime.

Disney Take A Stand Against The Asylum Of Animation

Via: The Guardian

Bleeding Cool has this article reporting that Disney has finally decided to take on the knock-off films that are produced with an uncanny resemblance to their hits. Numerous titles including Braver, What’s Up and the Little Cars are all in the firing line as the company seeks to end their distribution. My thoughts? There are eejits out there who will considerany animation to be from Disney.

Of Mice and Ego

Coming by way of Michael Sporn is this review of Chuck Jones’ early career and his many cartoons featuring mice by Thad Komorowski. Naturally Sniffles is the main focus of attention, but the post itself is a great analysis of Jones’ style of directing and indeed the kind of stories and characters he used. Well worth a read.

Is Adventure Time the Weirdest Kid’s TV Show Ever?

British newspaper The Guardian takes a look at Adventure Time and doesn’t really come to any solid conclusion (but then we all know there are far weirder kids shows out there). Nonetheless it is a generally fawning piece that praises the show’s ability to place itself within “that sweet spot between pre-teen adoration and countercultural cool”, its awesome visuals and the fact that the characters are gradually aging as the show progresses.

Made by ABVH

This is perhaps one of the cooler tumblelogs devoted to the animated GIF that I’ve come across. Well worth a follow if you’re on Tumblr.