Animation Videos Roundup

Someone over at (apparently Chompsky) seems to like themselves some animation. Since the end of December was not a great one for me in terms of time, here’s a roundup of the animated videos they posted over the last few weeks.

Dr. Breakfast By Stephen Neary

Yup, Stephen Neary does it again. The young New York-based animator continues to impress with his maturing skills as a filmmaker.

Misteur Valaire: Dan Dan by Paf Paf

After watching this, I had to check them out on Spotify.

Cosmo New Year

A hilarious short from Russian animators Anton Korolyuk and Artem Bizyaev.

Road Rage

A quirky little short by Nick Khoo.


Why Is the Looney Tunes Brand of Comedic Shorts so Rare These Days?

The original Looney Tunes shorts are a very special blend of comedic acting that has more than endured the test of time. Sadly, it seems that this particular brand of comedy, in short film form, hsa largely died out.

Oh sure, there are plenty of funny cartoon that are as hilarious and as genius in nature, but they are not nearly as common as they should be.

Naturally this is down to television, and the fact that programming has had to keep to the schedule, ie. fit into 11 minute chunks, slightly too long for a traditional short. Thankfully, the internet has seen a boom in the number of shorts in recent years, and it is on it that we come across this film (via by David de Rooij and Jelle Brunt:

There’s more than a bit of a reference to the classics isn’t there? And the best part is that it works! It’s a nice homage, not a blatant copy. It’s proof that there’s still more than enough room left in the format.

A Fishing Fish and a Pythagasaurus

Two videos for you this week. First up is Aaron Long’s Fester Fish, a delightfully inane homage to 1930s cartoons. This is the second in the Fester Fish series, with the first one revolving around Fester watching his nephew. That one’s well worth checking out too. Shout out to my good friend Sean Clarke for referring them to me.

Secondly, via (again? These guys must like animation or something) Pythagasaurus centres on two cavemen and their quest to find the fabled Pythagasaurus. If you’re a civil engineer like me, you’ll appreciate the subtle math jokes, but if you’re not a civil engineer like me, you’ll appreciate that Bill Bailey’s in it and it’s produced by Aardman. Enjoy!

Mighty Antlers: A Short Film

Tip of the hat to for this one.

Mighty Antlers tells a bit of an abstract story of what happens when a driver sees a deer in the road and decides to gun it. What happens next is not what he expects.

Slightly scary with a few pints of blood thrown around, it’s still quite the accomplished piece. There’s also a production blog and a ‘making of’.

Who Doesn’t Like an Animated Helvetica Alphabet?

You won’t be one of them after you’ve seen this wonderful short from Italian studio n9ve.

With a tip of the hat to for posting it first.