Animation Broke My Heart

I started this blog back in 2010 and kept up writing posts almost daily for a number of years; all the way through graduate school and beyond. It kept me going through thick and thin as I wrote about my one true passion: animation.

I met some incredibly kind and generous people down through the years who I am extremely grateful to. I had some experiences I’ll never forget. I had many long, stimulating conversations with some personal heroes.

I even made my own cartoon! Something I’m incredibly proud of despite its very rough edges. Although I started another, the personal price became too great to bear and it remains unfinished.

Perhaps I got tired of always being the outsider. Perhaps I didn’t bang on doors hard enough. Perhaps more personal sacrifices could have been made. Hindsight isn’t always 20-20.

I still like animation, but it’s in the way of one whose love is unrequited now and possibly forever. At some point you have to stop hoping they’ll take you back and get on with the life that’s certainly not waiting around for it to happen.

Animation broke my heart, but I’m still alive.

3 thoughts on “Animation Broke My Heart”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for some time now. I’d just like to say that you seem like a talented, insightful guy, and I hope things get better soon. I’ve never worked within the industry, so I don’t know how hard it is, but I definitely hope that this is just a temporary slump in the relationship (to continue the metaphor) rather than an ending of it, because you seem like you have a lot to offer to the animation world in general.

  2. It’s always refreshing to read you, from someone who have many clues to the animation history and how things went to be made. I have slightly abandonned to caring about animation in 2016 and 3 years later, animation been more at the mercy of greedy fans and corporate lobbies with their lunatic obsessions. At a artist and author myself, it’s something I having to be prepare in the past years, by thinking of your dreary experience years ago by seen the premiere of Disney’s ”Frozen”. (Sorry if I feel to dump you with this movie, but I exactly know what you mean to when Animation become at this point.)

    I hope to read more of you in the future. Maybe it’s time to deal with something else and use your blog for topic and news? That’s what I doing on my own DeviantART since a few years when the community exist more for junk Porn and others creepy fantasies than real art. (And anyone who will join the community for art alone will be completely disappointed.)

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