The 2013 CTN Expo Recap

Reviews are a rare thing here on the blog, and that’s partly because I haven’t had time to review things properly this past year but also because I’m neither a poet or a truly objective person when it comes to animation.

That said, events are bit different from films and TV shows. This year I was privileged to attend the 2013 Creative Talent Network Animation Expo, otherwise known as CTNx in Burbank, California.

CTNx 2013

What’s nice about CTN is the sole focus on animation and the people that work in the industry. It’s partly a showcase for their personal endeavours, a trade show, a recruiting fair, a networking event, and a conference all rolled up into one.

The three day event is held in Burbank, California which is the epicenter of the American animation industry and a nucleus for talent.

That was clearly evident by way of the quality of artwork on display. Simply put, there was not a single bad sketch or illustration to be found anywhere.

Besides all the art, presentations, talks, demonstrations, Q&As were all the name of the game as hundreds of attendees stood in lines to hear luminaries like Eric Goldberg, Andreas Deja, John Kricfalusi, Tomm Moore, and Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust.

With such a concentrated amount of talent, it is inevitable that you will either bump into someone you know or someone you admire, or both! Which proves yet another boon to loving animation; everyone is so nice. It’s true! As many people attended the convention, the industry as a whole is still quite small and it’s impossible not to get to know people.

Lastly, as a first-time attendee, it was a deeply engrossing experience to be surrounded not only by so many talented individuals, but to also to see the many studios where such great content is created. It really hit home that animation is an industry, and that those who work within it do so to the best of their ability in spite of the obstacles placed in their way.

Will I be attending CTNx next year? Absolutely, and so should you if you have as much interest in animation as I do.

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