The Great Animated Female Character Discussion: Katara

OK, the gist of it is, I have class four nights a week from now until the middle of July. regular posts unfortunately take time to plan/write/edit/post and while it may seem easy to shoehorn it into a regular day, given my upcoming schedule, it won’t be possible to continue a daily posting regime.

So, instead of letting the blog gather dust on the off days, instead, we’re going to have some debate. Three times a week I’ll post a character and you (the reader) must describe exactly what it is that makes her commendable.

It doesn’t matter if you know exactly why, or whether you like them or not. Nobody is a mind reader and a comment is the one and only way to share your knowledge and opinion with the world.

So without further adieu, I give you

Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender


2 thoughts on “The Great Animated Female Character Discussion: Katara

  1. Katara is the perfect balance of kind and fierce. She’s kind to her friends but ruthless to those who hurt them. She’s got realistic flaws, she’s got feelings, she has character development. Sure, she can kick some butt, but that’s not actually what makes her a good character. It’s everything else.

    In short: she’s actually given a personality that isn’t based on a harmful stereotype or trope.

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