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Some week links for your perusal!

CinemaCon: The End of Film Distribution in North America Is Almost Here

Not strictly animation-related but certainly having an impact on the wider industry. Sadly, film appears to have run its course despite still being superior in many ways.

Laputa – Castle in the Sky: Animating Weight

Via: Colourful Animation Expressions
Via: Colourful Animation Expressions

Oswald Iten’s excellent Colourful Animation Expressions blog features this post regarding weight in animation utilising a scene from Laputa: Castle in the Sky:

Since flying, floating and thus overcoming gravitation is such an integral part of Miyazaki’s films, indicating the weight of characters is of paramount importance to the success of those fantasy worlds. In yet another scene from LAPUTA – CASTLE IN THE SKY I am looking at the transition from weightlessness to gravity

A fascinating post that’s well worth your time.


Via: Jimmy Something
Via: Jimmy Something

Artist ‘Jimmy Something’ created this massive pixel art piece featuring just about every single comic book/animation/pop culture character you can think of. Bravo sir! Click through to view extra large.

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    1. It isn’t far off the mark. This article from the same convention shows the problems that are brewing with digital sound: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/behind-screen/cinemacon-issue-brewing-proposed-immersive-442120

      The downside is of course that with proprietary sound technology, cinemas are forced to upgrade whether they want to or not. They raise prices to compensate and people end up using alternatives instead.

      Analogue film may have its projection problems, but at least you could be sure that any cinema could use it.

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