A Venn Diagram of Animated Films

AA_Venn Diagram of Animated Films

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This Venn diagram of animated films represents three groups connected with an animated film (animators, fans and studio executives) and which film identifies with them in the most accurate way.

Do you agree or disagree with any of them? Leave a comment with your choices!

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7 thoughts on “A Venn Diagram of Animated Films

    1. I’ll admit that was a tough one, but I felt there were other films that were better suited to the other sectors and The Lion King DID (and continues to) make gobs of money. So I reckoned it should count as the fan favourite 🙂

  1. I think a lot of animators would rather pick a Miyazaki film, even Totoro, better than Dick William´s one.

    1. It’s a toss-up when it comes to that sector, but Williams’ animation in the film is highly regarded even if the overall finished product is mediocre at best.

  2. I might replace B&TB with the Iron Giant. The former made the kind of money that studio executives would be happy with. IG on the other hand is beloved by animators/fans but not executives since it was a financial flop.

    1. Agreed. When I was looking over this yesterday, I realised it could be updated. For example, I would also replace Shrek with Frozen and rename ‘Fans’ to ‘Consumers.’

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