Top 10 Animation Anomaly List Posts From the Past Year

Monday is normally a list day here on the blog, but today I realised that I’ve only been doing them for about a year. So here’s a review of the 10 most popular list posts based on the number of readers since this time last year.

1. The 7 Things That Made Adventure Time A Success

By far the most popular, in this post, I outline 7 traits of the show and the team behind it that have contributed to its success over the years. Suffice to say, there are still plenty of shows out there that could stand to learn from Adventure Time.

2. Four Signs We’re Possibly in an Animation Bubble Right Now

Just about this time last year, I took a look at whether the animation industry is, in fact, a bubble. The concerns are still there but after a year, the bubble shows no sign of slowing down.

3. The Top 7 Cartoon Cars of All Time

Yes, I did rank the top cartoon cars of all time.

4. 10 More Important Moments in Animation History

A very recent post, but one that looks at important events that have shaped the animation landscape that we know and love today. The last one proved a bit contentious.

5. British Cartoons From the 80s that Americans Sadly Missed

British cartoons were happening back in the 80s and sadly some didn’t make it across the Atlantic. Click through and enjoy the very Thriller-esque credits to Count Duckula.

6. 11 More Animation Blogs That Everyone Ought to Read

My friend Dave Levy posted a list of animation blogs that he reads and I added onto that post with 11 more that are a must in your regular animation blog reading.

7. Five Reasons Why The End of The Simpsons Will Be The Death knell For Animation on FOX

The Simpsons practically made the FOX network, but the demise of that show will herald the end of animation on that network as we know it today. This post outlined 5 reasons why that will happen.

8. 5 Predictions For The Future Of Animation

Although my clairvoyant abilities are, uh, unknown, I nonetheless predict the 5 big changes that are surely coming in animation in the foreseeable future.

9. The Top 10 Animated Movies on DVD of 2011

I looked at the DVD sales for animation content on and coming away thoroughly disappointed.

10. Grading the Disney Princess Magazine Covers Part 4

This particular post got the most visits, but is only one of a four part series. In them, I grade a series of faux magazine covers featuring various Disney female protagonists. Here’s parts one, two and three!

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