The Top 7 Cartoon Cars of All Time

Having just got some [expensive yet essential] work done to my motor, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the best cars ever to grace the animation stage. Here they are, presented in no particular order.

The Homer

Who could forget this classic that brought down Powell Motors. A cautionary tale of the customer saying one thing and doing another. Also, how about that horn, eh?

The Gadget Mobile

Far and away the coolest car in TV history. It could transform! How is that not awesome!

Misato’s Car

For the connoisseurs among us, the Renault Alpine was the Porsche 911 for the more independently-minded rear-engine motorist. Hideaki Anno could have used any generic sports car, but instead he chose a car that most people would never figure out; a perfect fit for Misato.

Fred Flintstone’s Car

Don’t deny that you didn’t want to drive this thing at some point.

The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine equals the A-Team Van for van-ish coolness and unlike the latter, this one is still transporting the team around. Quite an achievement after 40+ years, no?

Speed Racer

Pretty much obligatory I think.

Cruella Deville’s Car

This is the interesting choice because, number 1, it’s a Disney car, which are fairly rare in the features as they tend to be set in times when the horse was the dominant form of transport; and 2, it’s a rather quirky car. Despite taking place in 1960s Britain, it’s more akin to those from the 30s, or at best the post-war MGs. It also fits her personality with a low, aggressive stance and a quick pace.

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