Mike Maihack Creations That Should Be Animated

It crossed my mind a few weeks ago that the webcomic Cleopatra in Space by Mike Maihack is perfect for an animated series. So it got me thinking, what other original creations by Mike would be worthy of an animated version? It also got me wondering how me manages to create such cool art whilst living in Florida, but that’s probably a post best left to another day. 🙂


Ninja’s are awesome. Dinosaurs are awesome. Two awesome things have to make an awesome combination, right? It would be like Samurai Jack meets The Land That Time Forgot! EDIT: Ninjasaurus is by Jason Horn but Mike’s are is cool nonetheless.

Cyborg Girl

Mike draws plenty of these cute characters that somehow manage to meld sci-fi and cuteness into one. Surely that’s a unique proposition for a TV show?

Steampunk Librarian

Although steampunk continues to reside on the periphery, films like Hugo seem to indicate that it’s becoming more mainstream. How about capitalising on that with a steampunk librarian? A different book every week perhaps and libraries are always awesome.

Cleopatra in Space

Clearly the obvious one (because it has a whole story and universe ready to go), Cleopatra in Space is basically the original Cleopatra as a teenager zapped forward in time to “far, far, really far, far future”. It’s a bit of a no-brainer when you look into it: action, adventure, space, kick-ass girl, talking sidekick cat and Egyptian references to boot! Although we’re only on chapter 3 at the moment, the series continues to excel thanks to Mike’s tireless efforts. Personally, I think it would make a great TV show or even a feature film. For the moment though, we’ll just have to be drip-fed by new strips every Monday

 Honourable Mention: Supergirl and Batgirl

Although non-original, Mike’s take on the duo is similar to Lauren Faust’s effort but switches the personalities around and is infinitely cuter.

 Honourable Mention: 80s X-Girls

This one caught my eye the other day. It has potential and both heroines and the 80s are in at the moment…

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