This Classic Shot From The Simpsons Says It All

In fact, it’s one of my favourites, from Summer of 4 Ft. 2.

What better way to express Lisa’s anger than to have her absolutely stick it to Bart. The almost unnerving reversal of roles is gleeful to watch as Bart is stunned into silence. The grip on his shirt and the way his hair falls back are indicative that he is clearly at her mercy. The fact the she is glowering down at him reinforces the fact that she is in charge.

It’s great to see that Lisa can, on occasion, equal her older brother in terms of menacing behaviour.

Although it’s the subtlety of the scene that makes it so effective. Lisa could have gone off on a rant, shouting and yelling at Bart (and she does in other episodes) however, here, she is much more refined in her approach, which makes it all the more effective as a scene.

The joke of the whole thing is that all of this goes on as Milhouse sits unseen at the other side of the table, completely oblivious to what’s happening right in front of his nose the entire time.

2 thoughts on “This Classic Shot From The Simpsons Says It All

  • Great post, Charles. I think this is typical of the best years of The Simpsons (in my opinion, Season 2 through 6) where the characters felt like a real family dealing with real family issues. I know the humor was far out (especially for it’s time), but, there was an unmistakable heart under the surface that really made the series shine.

    • Exactly, the scene works because it is not so much Lisa’s obvious anger that sets the tone as her silent, bitter disappointment and sorrow at her brother’s behaviour.

      Sadly even such basic layers are missing from the show nowadays; it wears its emotions on its sleeve.

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