2 thoughts on “The Anomaly Of The Disney Universe”

  1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson asked the same question and the answer he got was: If a cartoon character wears pants, he can own an animal that doesn’t. I think that this is pretty after the fact logic, though. If you look at actual cartoon history, something else seems to be happening. Animated films originally used people at first, from what I’ve been able to tell by looking at McKay and Bray. Funny animal characters came into use with humanlike personalities who still behaved as animals. The real split emerged when there was a need for animals that acted like animals, which meant having both in the same work. From there, the animals essentially took over the human role and humans left the picture. That’s my guess, but I haven’t looked too closely so it’s very likely that I’m wrong. I ought to investigate further and write a blog post on cartoon sociodynamics as far as general trends.

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