Passing Thoughts on The Disney Strike

It was seventy years ago but the effects are still felt to this day such is the magnitude of what happened in Burbank all the way back in 1941. As you would expect, the TAG Blog has a nice writeup on the event that is worth reading.

There were problems on both sides of the picket, but as Steve points out in the post, some people on either side wold not talk to one another even decade later.

It’s important to remember that there is much to gain by putting others before yourself.

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  • Absolutely, your comment is so true! I do not find it advantageous to be either pro-labor or pro-management. Rather, I am pro-people, and everything else seems to fall into place.

    For those that don’t know, Tom Sito’s book, “Drawing The Line”, is an excellent and fascinating history of unions in the animation industry.

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