Two Films I Watched At The Weekend

Apologies for the lame title of the post (Monday morning, etc, etc.). Anyway, here are two films I watched at the weekend. I have thoughts on both which I will share later on in the week. In the meantime, have you seen them? What do you think? Were they any good? Are they just rip-offs of the Disney style or do they stand on their own?

No 1. Anastasia

Via: The Internet Movie Poster Awards

No. 2 The Swan Princess

Via: The Internet Movie Poster Awards

3 thoughts on “Two Films I Watched At The Weekend

  1. Anastasia is Don Bluth, so it’s not 100% fair to call it a Disney rip-off. It’s a sincere attempt in the filmmaker’s “own voice”. It just happens that the voice really, really wants to sound “Cinderella”.

    Richard Rich movies are more like Don Bluth rip-offs than anything else.

  2. “Daaaaancing bears, paaainted wiiings, these are thiiings I rememberrrrr, and the song, someone siiings, once upon a decemberrrr…”

    I remember really enjoying Anastasia. Watched it with my sisters, we sang the songs for months to come. I remember it being haunting but beautiful.

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