How ‘Film Rights’ Screw Everyone, Not Just The Artist

Via: Still from ‘Enrique Wrecks The World‘ and incredibly funny short film that I cannot show you.

The other evening I spent some time watching some very fine films at the Maryland Film Festival. It was an enjoyable time with some great films. So, being the animation enthusiast that I am, I thought I would share some of these films that I saw with my readers.

Surprise! The majority (but not all) are not available online. Why? If I were to hazard a guess, it is because festivals and distributors insist on certain clauses covering rights to the films which dictate when those films can and cannot be shown. Want to enter it in some festivals? Sorry, it can’t be also available online. Want to get a distribution deal? Sorry, it can’t also be available online.

How does this screw everyone? The people who want to see the film can’t see it while the person who needs it to be seen by people is SOL.

Posting one or two of the films here may not do much, but it won’t hurt either. Animation should be seen by everyone, not just the folks who made the effort and braved the rain to see them.


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