A Student Blog Worth Your While Reading

I forget how I managed to stumble across this blog (probably late at night when I’m a bit sleepy) but I’m glad I did. Written by the students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, it’s a collaborative effort by the animation students there.

It’s a wide ranging blog that covers anything from individual animator’s to hints and tips on techniques to opinions on the industry as a whole.

While there may not be the sage advice you would find on a an experienced animator’s blog, it is quite fascinating to see the opinions of students who too often neglect to run any kind of individual blog. Besides that, there are also links to workspace advice, internship opportunities and links to suppliers.

The updates are fairly frequent and the tone is friendly. The SMFA Animation blog is certainly one you should consider adding to your bookmarks.

2 thoughts on “A Student Blog Worth Your While Reading

  1. I like that blog a lot too.

    It’s a great idea by the school to get the students thinking about their field in a public manner.

    I agree with everything you say about it, I hope other schools take it as a model.

    1. I agree Richard. Sometimes students need a wee bit of a push when it comes to things like these.

      It’s great to hear their thoughts and to read their opinions on the artform

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