Get Re-Educated on Copyright With The Happy Tree Friends!

So if I embed the video, is that copyright infringement?

I’m going to say no, although it is an area where the law is not exactly clear and why the video above has a some pretty serious limitations. Besides, the video preaches to the choir (and I’m sure Google knows this) and it’s quite likely to have been put out as a result of pressure from the content companies.

Want to watch a far better video? How about this one from Nina Paley (of Sita Sings the Blues fame)

2 thoughts on “Get Re-Educated on Copyright With The Happy Tree Friends!

  1. Punching you in the face isn’t rape, either. That’s the equivalent of saying “copying isn’t theft.” Who claims that it’s “theft”? By making the statement equating copying with theft the many legitimate arguments for copyright reform get sucked down a talk show like gutter.

    It’s copyright infringement. Although, the universe is big enough to allow subtly there is no subtle difference between the two.

    Just as the law and society allow many instances in which it would be legal and even desirable to punch someone in the face, copying is in the same category. Often legal, sometimes not.

    As for “copying ideas”, it’s a sophomoric discussion not even worth having. Of course people take ideas from all over, this is why ideas have never been copyrightable (and a handful of exceptions are hardly proof to the contrary).

    1. I agree Richard. It’s an extremely complex segment of the legal system that is fraught with vested interests. It doesn’t help that those same vested interests often engage in a lot of misinformation (deliberate or not) that further muddy the waters for the general public.

      Anyone who creates content should have a fairly intricate knowledge of copyright, which I mentioned in a blog post a while back.

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