These Characters Are Some of the Best Ever Created

Of course we already knew that, how could we not? It’s a show about imaginary friends, the kind that are uninhibited by the realities of life or the sober self-awareness of adulthood. Such a diverse range of characters are exactly the kind that kids are likely to invent and animation turned out to be a superb artform to showcase them.

It’s fascinating to me to see how such superficially simple characters can often have many, many different levels of personas and traits. Of the core group, not one of them could be considered ‘simple’. What was even better was that they all bounced off of and into one another which made for some very entertaining stories.

I suppose that’s what eventually got me hooked. Yeah, the visuals are wonderful (courtesy of Boulder Media in Ireland) and the stories are top notch (thanks to Craig McCracken and Co.) but it is the interraction and interpolation of the characters and their distinct personalities that made me watch it religiously when I lived in Richmond for the year.

1 thought on “These Characters Are Some of the Best Ever Created”

  1. Jackson Carroll

    Dear Craig McCracken.
    is Been 2 Years Since the Series Of Foster Home for IMaginary Friends.
    Been Finish.
    Will The Series Return Someday Just Like Ben 10 af and ua.
    I Miss it So Much.
    if Frist Come on Cartoon Network When I Was a Teenage.
    Wonder What New apartments Building Next .
    that Mac Mum and Hes Brother Has Move in the New Series Somday.
    When Mac is 10 Years in the New Series of Foster Home for Imaginary Friends.
    anyother of your Fans that Love Foster Home Series.
    My Favourite Charaters are Mac Goo Frankie Madma Foster.
    Bloo Wilt Eduardo and Coco.
    Hope the Series Will Contiuned again Someday.
    Jackson Carroll from Austraila NSW.

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