Would You Eat At A Place Like This? I Sure Would!

Tip of the hat to Pat Smith over at Scribble Junkies for alerting me to the really cool artist that is Timba.

When you think about it though, Hanna-Barbera did a really good job with the marketing for the Flintstones. In fact, you could argue that after more than 50 years, the very existence of products like Fruity Pebbles, vitamins and so forth is testament to the longevity of the show.

The art is awesome though, isn’t it? A part of me now really wishes there was a burger joint called Fast Freds…

2 thoughts on “Would You Eat At A Place Like This? I Sure Would!

  1. Yet another addition to the list of fictional restaurants I wish were real. (Comics artist Jill Thompson did a great guide to the Gotham City nightlife in an issue of “Gotham Knights,” including a ton of restaurants that I would love to go to if they existed.)

    1. I agree. it makes you wonder about the marketing departments of some of the studios, how someone outside can come up with a far better idea in their spare time than those whose job it is to create these things in the first place!

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