Your Thought for the Day: What Animation Software to Learn

What does this have to do with you? Well for one, if you learned the right software, you could be applying for a job with an Academy Award-Nominated outfit in Dublin. If not, you’d be stuck looking for another posting. Last week, Cathal Gaffney highlighted that finding animators in Ireland with a knowledge of Maya was getting increasingly hard.

This leads to the question: With the growing proliferation of animation software, which one is the best to learn, and do you pigeon-hole yourself if you learn only one?

Think about it, and post any thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Your Thought for the Day: What Animation Software to Learn

  1. I’m always surprised when I see gov’t. contractors advertising in the D.C. area for Maya help. Maybe Balto. which has established itself as east coast hub for post production. The first animation software I ever used was Autodesk Animator DOS edition. I think I still have it on floppy disks. Now I use Flash CS5.

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