Preliminary Thoughts On Disney’s Tangled

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By now you should be aware of Disney’s upcoming film based currently titled Tangled. Those of us who have been following the film for a while know that it was originally supposed to be called Rapunzel and featured the heroine much more prominently than the hero.

Why the change, well Disney felt it had too many upcoming films with female leads and that it would basically be painting itself into a corner it couldn’t afford.

Perhaps this is true, but perhaps boys just aren’t attracted to “girly” films rather than films with females as the protagonists. There is a difference between the two. Plenty of Disney films in times past have featured female leads: Pochahontas, The Little Mermaid, The Aristocats (animals count!), Lady & the Tramp and of course, Snow White. As far as I know, plenty of boys liked those (even if they would never admit it publicly).

Disney’s argument is that boys don’t contribute enough to the gross of such films. Poppycock I say! They do, just not in ways that Disney expects them to, in other words, in giggling groups at the cinema on a Friday night. So what if they don’t contribute at the box office, that isn’t where most films make their money anyway. But that’s the subject of a post for another day.

A balance is of course necessary between male and female leads, which is why Pixar will is finally getting around to correcting their off-kilter slate of films. However, I think it is foolish to dramatically change a film when it is well through the stages of production. That’s a waste of resources and amounts to changing the destination when you’re halfway there. It would make more sense to change your next destination and plan accordingly.

The film will do well regardless, I just wish studios would be a bit braver and not pander to demographics and their supposed tastes in the chase for a quick buck. Better to make a good film that will stand the test of time than to one that will date quickly with people regardless of gender.

3 thoughts on “Preliminary Thoughts On Disney’s Tangled”

  1. You make some interesting points Charles. I think the only reason then changed the Title was for advertisement purposes. Also if you look at the trailer it is very save, broadcasting the humor of the film instead of giving you a hint of the heart. I think Disney is very scared when it comes to doing anything new. It is the reason why it is taking so long for Ed and John to turn Disney animation around. Disney’s thinking needs to be more along the line of making films work through generations, rather then how to get the quick buck. It is the problem with having businessmen in charge instead of artists.

    1. Hi moviegeek,

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like it. I can only imagine what it could have been if it wasn’t beset by all he production problems that it had. I’m pleased to say that the film exceeded the expectations I outline above, which I reflect upon in my actual review, posted here.

      The only thing I can’t fathom is why it took so long to travel across the Atlantic, I mean, it was out here in the US at the end of November and has already left the cinemas!

      PS. nice blog by the way 🙂

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