Quick Poll: Are You Asked To Do Things You’re Not Qualified For?

Just a quick wee poll for today but it would appear to be a common theme running through the artistic professions. Today, the future Mrs. Animation Anomaly, who has a masters in Publication Design, was asked to become an animator despite having no previous experience or even the proper tools to do so. This got […]

Yes, Animation Still Has A Stigma Once You Reach A Certain Age

Fred Seibert re-blogged a post by Megan, a.k.a. animationbits over on tumblr in which she goes into detail about how much she loves animation and how she’s hard at work on becoming a fully-fledged animator. As inspirational as that post is (and you should definitely read it), what struck me was that while she drew […]

Quick Note: Software Skills

Just a quick note because I’m actually waiting for class to start. When it comes to animation and technology where does software skills play into things? What I mean is that with a wide variety of different programs out there how do you choose which ones to learn? Are they the ones taught at your […]