Quick Poll: Are You Asked To Do Things You’re Not Qualified For?

Just a quick wee poll for today but it would appear to be a common theme running through the artistic professions. Today, the future Mrs. Animation Anomaly, who has a masters in Publication Design, was asked to become an animator despite having no previous experience or even the proper tools to do so.

This got me thinking, is it a common thing for artistic folks to be asked to do something they’ve either never done before or have no experience in? The reason I ask this is that most non-artisans seem to have little appreciation for the amount of effort and skills that go into even the most innocuous tasks. Even a quick perusal of Clients From Hell can provide proof of that!

As herself noted, people can go to school for years to earn a degree in animation but this particular client was expecting the completed job within half an hour!

Has this ever happened to you? Answer the poll below and fire off any stories in the comments.

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