Want to see a funny video with a great jazz soundtrack?

Of course you do. Allen Mezquida was kind enough to send over his latest video featuring his character Smigly as he attempts to become a hit jazz musician on YouTube but faces tough competition at every turn. In case you’re wondering, The Big Phat Band is a real band! Hit the link for their website […]

Poetry in Animation? Sure, why not?

At least Tim Minchin thinks its an acceptable way to narrate a film. Below is his short, Storm the Animated Movie in which he regales the tale of a dinner party with an Australian hippie named Storm. Very funny and very worth your time. Note: Slightly NSFW due to one or two bad words.

Anomaly Appraisal: The External World

Embedded above is 17 minutes of perhaps the most insane, random and almost gut-wrenching animation I’ve seen so far this year. Warning: it’s definitely NSFW and contains plenty of adult themes, although the film addresses that point oh so adroitly somewhere in the middle. I wrote about David OReilly a while back with an admiration […]

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Animation

It’s already been established that I like the Scott Pilgrim comic series and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this last week, you will have probably noticed that there is a film of the same name currently playing in cinemas. Never mind that it isn’t number 1, the best is yet to come. Tying […]