How Animated Films Were Made In 1940

With much thanks to Mike Lynch for posting this the other day. What you see below is a pseudo-commercial/training film produced by “Cartoon Films, Inc.” for the purposes of showcasing the latest engine technology. In reality, it was Jam Handy of Detroit who produced the film, and although there is much mechanical detail, there is […]

World Of Motion By Colin Hesterly

As a civil engineer, I happen to take a liking to all things transportation-related, so it should come as no surprise that I like this short by Colin Hesterly. World of Motion is: a tribute to man’s various achievements in transportation and technology. But that’s not all, Colin is quite the designer as well, check […]

Electroshock: An Amusing Character Analysis

By way of, Electroshock is a short film in French directed by Hugo Jackson, Pascal Chandelier, Velentin Michel, Bastein Mortelecque and Elliot Maren, all working out of the Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA, or School of Artistic Trades for those of use who prefer Anglais). Besides being a slick CGI effort and an […]

Can “The Chase” By Philippe Gamer Be Considered ‘True’ Animation?

I caught this video over on Cartoon Brew the other day and disregarding the plot and characters for a minute, can it be considered a truly animated video? Obviously a lot of skill and talent went into creating it, but I felt suitably cheated once the video actually started. You see, the screenshot on the […] Animation Videos Roundup

Someone over at (apparently Chompsky) seems to like themselves some animation. Since the end of December was not a great one for me in terms of time, here’s a roundup of the animated videos they posted over the last few weeks. Dr. Breakfast By Stephen Neary Yup, Stephen Neary does it again. The young […]

Wanna Watch 90 Minutes of Animated Shorts from 1978?

Of course you do. Thanks to the Internet Archive, here’s a VHS rip of the Fantastic Animation Festival from 1978. Reviewer Donfield describes it thus: Good collection of animated shorts, mostly in hand drawn, claymation, and rotoscoping techniques. Represented artists include Loren Bowie, Bernard Palacios, Kathy Rose, Derek Lamb, Steven Lisberger, Marv Newland, Paul Driessen, […]

Why Is the Looney Tunes Brand of Comedic Shorts so Rare These Days?

The original Looney Tunes shorts are a very special blend of comedic acting that has more than endured the test of time. Sadly, it seems that this particular brand of comedy, in short film form, hsa largely died out. Oh sure, there are plenty of funny cartoon that are as hilarious and as genius in […]

The Animation Hub’s “The Last Train”

Found by way of Toon-in (lots of nice animation videos on that site by the way), The Last Train is the first (?) product of The Animation Hub, a joint-venture between the Irish School of Animation and Trinity College Diblin’s Graphics, Vision and Visualisation Group (GV2) and the recently established animation studio Giant Creative. Not […]