The 2012 NY International Children’s Film Festival is Coming!

It’s that time of the year yet again, when New York City hosts their International Children’s Film Festival, a fantastic event that brings a decent amount of otherwise obscure animation to the big screen on American shores. This year’s lineup is quite impressive with the US premiere of A Monster In Paris and a sneak […]

This Weekend: Animated Shorts in Baltimore.

Yes, something animation-related on my own doorstep! Starting tonight, May 6th, the Maryland Film Festival runs until Sunday. Besides loads of great films, there is an animated shorts segment featuring the following: BOTTLE, Kirsten Lepore, 6 mins THE COW WHO WANTED TO BE A HAMBURGER, Bill Plympton, 6 mins ENRIQUE WRECKS THE WORLD, David Chai, […]

Pegbar’s Upcoming Animation Event in Dublin

Hot off the twitter wires is the announcement of Pegbar’s latest event at the Science Gallery in Dublin. A series of talks, screenings and general networking for animation folks will be held in the capital on April 15th (next Friday). By all accounts, it is sure to be a grand evening with a cross-section of […]