Reminder: The Secret of Kells Outdoor Screening Tomorrow Night

Just a reminder to anyone even close to New York City that The Secret of Kells will be shown outdoors at the fancy sounding Socrates Sculpture Park as part of their 2010 season tomorrow night (July 14th). The event is organized by Rooftop Films, who basically do exactly what it says on the tin, showing […]

Anomaly Approved: Asterisk Animation

Blogging, it’s a tough thing to get right at the best of times, heck, I screw it up on a fairly regular basis. There are a chosen few however that excel at the practise. Richard O’Connor is one of them. Emanating from my favourite city in the whole wide world (New York), Richard writes for […]

The Toy Story 3 Soundtrack: Where Disney Pinches the Pennies and Leaves You Short Changed

I learned yesterday that Disney plans to release the soundtrack to Toy Story 3 as a digital download only. This is not a good development on a number of fronts. Although I’m risking turning this into a gripe blog (which it isn’t!) it is a shame that Disney have decided to go down this route […]