Know Your Animation Tax Incentives!

Coming by way of a tweet from Cathal Gaffney is an overview of production incentives from around the world put together by Entertainment Partners. Since it focuses on every credit in most major jurisdictions and sub-jurisdictions, I thought it would be easier to tease out the ones pertaining specifcally to animation and comment on those […]

5 Great Sources Of Inspiration

This morning as I sat down to write the usual Monday list post, I immediately drew a blank. Normally, I would search around for some inspiration (and in reality, I should have it lined-up and ready to go) but unfortunately this morning, I was beaten by the clock and had to rush off to work. […]

Seven Hilariously Bad Rave Flyers

I found the Bad Rave Flyers blog through a comment on Reddit, and although it would be something more suited to typography students, after just a few pages, I noticed it contained its fair share of animation-related stuff as well. If you’re ever wanted to feast your eyes on some truly horrific crimes against graphic […]

Important Lessons From Douglas Adams’ Letter To A Disney Executive

On Tuesday, Letters of Note featured a letter from Douglas Adams to Disney executive David Vogel concerning Adams’ attempt to get his book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy onto celluloid. While it isn’t related to animation, the letter does bring up some important points regarding communication between parties involved in a project. Writes Adams: ….I […]

Can the Toyota Production System Be Applied To An Animation Studio?

Yes, it sure can. For your reading pleasure and perusal, may I present the draft version of the white paper that aims to introduce you to the production process that is in many ways, revolutionary. The Toyota Production System has long been used to streamline workflow processes at the Japanese car manufacturer. Since it’s introduction, […]

Dan Schier Distills the Essence of a Crafting A Career

You may remember a post by Daniel Schier (a.k.a. Waveybrain) from earlier this year where he talks about how to get started on your career in animation. It’s a very good post and well worth your time reading if you have not done so already. However, the one part that stuck out for me was […]

What Motivates YOU?

The other night in class, I was quite surprised to see our professor pull up a video on motivation. Not necessarily because that is a rare thing, but moreso because it had the word animate in the title. On closer inspection it’s not really animated but that we can let that slide because it is […]

Puss In Boots is No. 1. So Why is DW Stock Down?

First of all, no need to worry, this isn’t going to be a lecture on economics. I hate those too. What it will though, is discuss how a studio’s stock can move relative to its releases. It’s not something that animators need to be too aware of as it doesn’t have a direct effect on […]