What An Analyst Sees In DreamWorks…And What They Missed

DreamWorks Animation is a public company. Its stocks are sold on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and have been since it was spun off from the original DreamWorks LLC in 2004. Since then, it has existed as an independent entity producing its own films in partnership with a distributor (formerly Paramount, now FOX). As […]

The Misguided Deadline Hollywood Article on DreamWorks Big Moves

So part of me wonders why I should even be writing a response to this misguided Deadline Hollywood article on DreamWorks because as Jack Warner once said “today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s toilet paper.” Obsolescence aside, the saying holds true so by Saturday it will all be forgotten. However, it’s so poorly thought out, one can’t […]

The 7 Reasons Why DreamWorks MUST Remain Independent

With the recent announcement that DreamWorks is making a large investment in China (both as a studio and as an entertainment provider), I thought it would be interesting to repost a post from last year on why the company must remain an independent entity. You’ll recall that this was written while the brouhaha broke out […]

Dreamworks Want Us To Be Producers

Over at Daily Disruption is an interesting interview with DreamWorks’ head of enterprise technology, Kate Swanborg, in which she discusses the role of technology within the company and how it affects their relationship with consumers. All in all an interesting read but what is truly worth taking away from it is a quote from right […]

Dreamworks Does Disc-To-Digital [sigh]

Yoinked from Engadget Dreamworks has been all over the media in the last couple of days as a result of their announcement that they have joined Walmart’s new VUDU Disc-To-Digital service. The gist of this is that if you own a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, you can bring it in to Walmart, and, for the […]

DreamWorks Really Is Pushing The Envelope

Yes, DreamWorks really is pushing the envelope, the release envelope that is. Here’s what I read this morning over on the Animation Guild Blog that really made me take a minute just to think about it (emphasis mine): There is a squadron of other features are lined up on the tarmac, but I won’t bother […]

Jeffrey Katzenberg and the Folly of Faster Technology

Via: PC Mag Yesterday, at the Techonomy conference, DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg revealed that through technological developments, the studio would soon be able to animate in “real-time”. This statement has got a decent amount of attention from the relevant media, but just how accurate or true is it? While Katzenberg is keeping the details close […]

Evan At A Crossroads, DreamWorks Continues to Innovate

Over the last few moths, I’ve come to develop quite a bit of respect for DreamWorks. I mean, OK, their films aren’t always the best, but they are the largest independent animation studio in Hollywood and that’s something you have to respect on some level. As I discussed a while ago, DreamWorks has started to […]

What DreamWorks Artists Do After Dark: The Documentary

You may remember hearing a while back about a project called Moonshine. It’s basically a book of art collected from various DreamWorks employees that they created outside work hours. Well, as a follow-up to the excellent book comes this short documentary which looks at the artists themselves and how they create their work and what […]