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A good few week links for you today. Enjoy!

Linda Cardellini on Freaks And GeeksER, and homewrecking

The A.V. Club has a fairly detailed interview with the actress with some discussion on her current role as Wendy in Gravity Falls.

We Love Fine Gravity Falls T-Shirt Contest

ViaWe Love Fine. (Not a competition design though because I couldn't get a large enough image)

ViaWe Love Fine. (Not a competition design though because I couldn’t get a large enough image)

While we’re on the subject of Gravity Falls, the good folks over at We Love Fine are running a contest where fans can vote for their favourite designs to appear on clothing. Such campaigns have been used by Adventure Time to great advantage and with Gravity Falls enjoying similar levels of cult popularity, hopefully the contest does well for them too.

Tiny Cartoon Kids Put Into Real-Life Scenes

Via The Laughing Squid comes this cute collection of photographs from French artist Lowra and her Paperchild Revolution collection; the entirety of which is well worth a peek 🙂

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld  Model Sheet

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of these tragically short shorts, but much props go to Brianne Drouhard for going over and above the call of duty in posting lots of fantastic art from the show just like the one above. Check out her blog for much much more!

Invader: Pink Panther

Via Animated Review comes this photo of a piece by street artist Invader that should be instantly recogniseable despite its pixelated composition.

Art of the Title: ParaNorman

Last but certainly not least is this overview of the ParaNorman title sequence and an interview with Aaron Sorenson over on the Art of the Title site. A definite must read.

Scrooge McDuck by Dirk Shulz

Finally this week is this awesome bit of art by German artist Dirk Shulz of the eminently famous Scrooge McDuck.

Tweets of the Week

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